Meal Plans

Select a popular preset plan or customize one to match your student’s appetite. Each preset plan below is a framework only, based on a 16-week semester and an average cost of $8.50 per meal. There are no restrictions on the frequency of card usage, meaning students can use their meal plan card as much or as little as needed.


Parents may add any dollar amount to their student’s Flatiron Meal Plan card as needed throughout the semester, and remaining account balances carry over from semester to semester and year to year. For new members, a one time enrollment fee of $10 will be deducted from your account when originally created.

Plan Meals Per Week Price
The 18Plan 18 “The Starving Student” $2,448
The 14Plan 14 “Two Squares a Day” $1,904
The 10 Plan 10 “Most Popular” $1,360
The 7Plan 7 “The Average Joe” $952
TheĀ 5Plan 5 “The Weekend Diner” $680
The 3Plan 3 “The Supplemental” $408
Custom Plan* Any Amount

*Not sure how hungry he or she will be? Start a meal plan with any dollar amount and add to it throughout the semester as needed. Account balances carry over from semester to semester.