What is the Flatiron Meal Plan?

It’s what every student wants. A flexible meal plan that allows students to eat at a wide variety of close-to-campus restaurants. Using their prepaid meal card, students eat what they want, when they want – without sweating the dollars.

Where can I use my Flatiron Meal Plan card?

Use your meal plan card at over 100 local dining hot spots, for dine-in, pick-up or delivery. Flatiron Meal Plan members may also use their cards for groceries at Alfalfa’s, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, or Whole Foods. Our growing list of participating restaurants covers every type of cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is your favorite restaurant missing from our list? Click here to recommend a new merchant.

How do I use my Flatiron Meal Plan card at participating restaurants?

After enjoying a meal at one of our participating restaurants, present your Flatiron Meal Plan ID card as your form of payment. The cost of the meal is deducted from your meal plan balance. Log in to our Web site at any time to view your meal plan balance and your complete transaction history.

What type of meal plan can I sign up for?

The Flatiron Meal Plan caters to the individual, giving you total control of students’ dollars for dining. Sign up for one of our existing Meal Plan options, or create your own, customized plan. While our 10Plan proves to be most popular, light eaters may enjoy the 3Plan or 5Plan. For hungry students, we recommend the 18Plan!

What if I lose my Flatiron Meal Plan card?

Simply cancel your lost card online or over the phone then pick up your replacement card at our local office on the Hill.

What if I want to modify my meal plan?

No problem. Just give us a call at 303.415.0067, and we’ll be happy to make any changes. Add more money to your meal plan balance or alter your meal plan option at any time to suit your needs.

Do meal plan balances carry over from semester to semester?

Yes. Any remaining meal plan balance carries over from semester to semester, school year to school year. No more dining hall dollars forgone after the semester is over. No more money down the drain for meals you never ate. You pay only for what you eat, period.

I want to become a Flatiron Meal Plan member now! How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Choose or customize a meal plan to meet your needs and sign up via our web site, telephone, or mail. Swing by our office (conveniently located on The Hill) during regular business hours and we’ll make you a photo ID card on the spot. Your card is effective immediately – so go ahead and treat yourself to a bite to eat as soon as you leave our office!