Auto Reload Information

Our Auto Reload feature allows you to automatically add value to your account once a week, once a month, or any time the balance drops below a preset value. If you would like to use the Auto Reload feature on your Flatiron Meal plan account, please refer to the steps below to get started.

  • Before you can establish an Auto Reload for your account, you must already be enrolled as a Flatiron Meal Plan member. If you have not yet enrolled in the Flatiron Meal Plan, please click here to create an account online.

  • Once you have a Flatiron Meal Plan account established, the next step is to save a payment method on your online account that will be associated with the Auto Reload. To save a payment method, log in to your account and then select My Profile from the left hand menu. Under My Profile, select Payment Methods, then Add New.

  • Now that you have a saved payment method created, select Auto Reload from the left hand menu. Adjust the settings to customize your Auto Reload and select save when you are finished. If you have any questions about using the Auto Reload feature with your account, please call the office at 303.415.0067.

  • Please Note: All Auto Reloads are scheduled to process at midnight. For example, if you have an Auto Reload established for your account to add $200 whenever the balance drops below $50, the $200 deposit will be processed at midnight on the day your balance drops below $50.