Updates for Spring Semester 2022

  • You can start a Flatiron Meal Plan with any dollar amount and remaining Flatiron Meal Plan account balances always carry over from semester to semester and year to year.

  • There is normally a one-time enrollment fee of $10 when you first open a Flatiron Meal Plan account. We waived that fee last year during covid, and will continue to waive the fee for people who sign up for the 2021-22 school year.

  • For current meal plan members: Any remaining balance on your Flatiron Meal Plan card from fall semester will just carry over to spring

  • If your student is going abroad for spring semester, any remaining balance on their Flatiron Meal Plan will just carry over to summer and/or fall semester.

  • .The Flatiron Meal plan works year round, so if your student will be staying in Boulder for all or part of winter break, they would be able to use their Flatiron Meal Plan like normal.

  • This spring we will have our normal back-to-school digital coupons in the Flatiron Meal Plan app that will be available to everybody, but students will also be able to earn additional coupons every time they make a deposit of $250 or more to their meal plan. All spring coupons will be valid through 5/5/22.

  • We’ve moved! Our office is now located at 1163 13th Street, Unit A – right next door to The Sink on the Hill.

  • Current office hours are M-F, 10AM-5PM. If you have any questions about our program, please call our office at 303.415.0067 or send us an email by clicking here.

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What is the Flatiron Meal Plan?

The Flatiron Meal Plan is a prepaid dining and discount card that allows students to purchase meals and shop for groceries at over 100 of their favorite Boulder merchants. Students select their food, present their Flatiron Meal Plan as payment, and the exact amount is deducted from their account. You can start a Flatiron Meal Plan card with any dollar amount, and remaining account balances carry over from semester to semester and year to year – so there are never any wasted dollars.

The Flatiron Meal Plan is a great way to help your student budget his or her food money, and avoid costly ATM fees, overdraft penalties and interest charges. Parents are assured food money is spent as intended, and student dining dollars are stretched as far as possible through exclusive cardholder coupons, deals & discounts.

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