Featured Restaurant of the Week (25% Savings)

To provide additional savings to our customers, we feature the Flatiron Meal Plan Restaurant of the Week. Each week during the semester the Flatiron Meal Plan will feature a different restaurant where members can save 25% on their purchases. Please click the link above to view the fall 2017 Featured Restaurant schedule.

Exclusive Cardholder Coupons 

Cardholders that deposit $200.00 or more to their Flatiron Meal Plan this fall will receive over $200 in exclusive back-to-school coupons! Fall semester coupons will be available starting 8/14/17, and can be accessed and redeemed through the Flatiron Meal Plan mobile app for iPhone and Android. The fall 2017 coupons expire on 12/31/17. This offer is available to new and existing cardholders. Click here to see the list of fall coupons.

Deals and Steals 

Throughout the semester we are constantly working with merchants to get the best offers for our cardholders. Deals are deep discounts and steals are free. Deals and steals are announced through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & push notifications to the Flatiron Meal Plan app for iPhone and Android.

Find out about exclusive Flatiron Meal Plan savings through push notifications to the Flatiron Meal Plan app, or through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.