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Flatiron Deals and Steals

Throughout the semester we are constantly working with merchants to get the best offers for our cardholders. Deals are deep discounts and steals are free. Deals and steals are announced through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & push notifications to the Flatiron Meal Plan app for iPhone and Android.

Some previous offers:

  • FREE tacos at Whole Foods

  • FREE subs at Half Fast Subs

  • FREE subs at Salvaggio’s on the Hill

  • $0.01 salads and wraps at Boulder Salads

  • FREE slices at Boss Lady Pizza

  • FREE subs at Jimmy John’s

  • FREE latte at Innisfree Cafe

  • $1 Rush Bowls at Rush on the Hill

  • FREE subs at Subway

  • $2 sandwich or salad at Dish Gourmet

  • $2 burritos at The Rio Grande

  • $1 sandwiches at Lindsay’s Boulder Deli

  • $0.99 Breakfast sandwich and coffee from Alfalfa’s